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The Rothem Collection Difference
Founded in 1942, Rothem Collection is a 3rd generation diamond and fine jewelry manufacturer. We specialize in designing and manufacturing fine jewelry, mainly loose diamonds, diamond engagement rings, diamond stud earrings, diamond tennis bracelets and diamond necklaces, selling direct to our customers thus cutting out the “middle man”. This allows us to provide our customers with high quality diamond jewelry and exceptional service both during and after the sale at warehouse prices.

In fact, the Rothem Collection has not only survived but thrived for nearly seven decades and three generations because of our relentless dedication to three simple but critical ideals:
Cutting Out the “Middle Man” and Passing on the Savings to You
Most of the diamond jewelry you see in retail stores or websites were first designed and created by a diamond manufacturer, then sent onto a diamond wholesaler, and finally sent on to a retailer.

But at the Rothem Collection, we design and manufacture all of our diamond jewelry and then ship it directly to you completely cutting out the diamond wholesalers and passing on those savings directly to you! This allows you to either buy significantly “more diamond” for the same budget or buy the same (or often higher quality) quality diamond jewelry at an average savings of more than 40% compared to traditional diamond retailers!
Providing Highest Quality Diamonds and Craftsmanship
Although the Rothem Collection can literally save you thousands on your next diamond jewelry purchase by “skipping the middle man” and selling direct to you at wholesale prices, we never sacrifice quality or world-class craftsmanship.

GIA, EGL, IGI, AGS, and HRD certified diamonds are always in stock and available upon request for all customers. Most customers actually prefer to save money without sacrificing reliability by purchasing Rothem Collection in house certified diamonds.

The Rothem Collection is a certified diamond polisher allowing us to supply diamonds directly to the customer even before sending them for external certification. This means that our professional and fully certified gemologist can provide you with an accurate and reliable certification while saving you considerable expense on your purchase since we can provide the service in-house for much less cost.

Although we pride ourselves in being able to provide this important service while passing on the savings to our customers, GIA, EGL, IGI, AGS, and HRD certified diamonds are always in stock and available upon request for all customers.

Rothem Collection also prides itself in offering a wide assortment of fine jewelry, Argyle pink diamonds and colorless loose diamonds ranging from 0.20 carat to 60 carat in all Shapes, Clarities, and Colors. Each and every piece of fine jewelry includes a full Diamond measurements Information by Ogi Systems.

And if you don’t find a piece or product description with the exact specs you want, we’ll be happy to design and create a custom piece to your EXACT specifications!

But whether you choose from one of our existing engagement ring designs or opt to have us custom design a piece of stud earrings for you, we always use the highest quality diamonds, settings, and materials in each and every piece made at the Rothem Collection.

Since 1942, every single piece of fine and diamond jewelry is designed, cut, polished, and crafted with pride on-site by combining the latest in technological innovation with “Old World” pride and craftsmanship.

Providing You with Complete Piece of Mind
At the Rothem Collection, we fully understand how stressful it can be shopping for diamonds and fine jewelry in an online setting. This is why we have built-in several “Peace of Mind” features into our shopping experience that help eliminate stress and help you every step of the way, including:

24/7 “Live” Customer Support: Whether you need help before, during, or after the sale, our 24/7 Customer Support team are here to personally help you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year at sales@rothemcollection.com
Expedited Free Shipping Including Insurance with Tracking: Whatever you purchase at the Rothem Collection, it will be shipped FREE directly to your door and we’ll provide you with shipping confirmation and tracking codes the moment it leaves our door!
Luxury Gift Box Packaging: Want to make an even bigger impression with your fine jewelry gift? Then add Luxury Gift Box Packaging to your order and your gift is guaranteed to impress before they even open the box!
Professional Appraisal Delivered with Your Order: Every order ships with a professional appraisal for insurance from Rothem Collection confirming that all the details of your gold and/or diamonds have been delivered as promised.
Guaranteed “Conflict Free” Diamonds: Every single diamond manufactured and sold at the Rothem Collection is guaranteed to be 100% Conflict Free.

Whether you are looking for the perfect diamond engagement ring, diamond earrings or ANY piece of fine jewelry, the Rothem Collection is here to provide you with complete peace of mind during every step of the buying process.

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