$39,750 Fancy Blue Diamond Pear Shape Loose 3.32 Carat Rare Royal Treated 360

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Real, Rare and Natural Earth Mined Pear Shape Loose Diamond, Blue Color Enhanced, Comes with Insurance Appraisal, Gift Wrapped and Now On Sale.

Fulfill your desire for a Real and Rare Genuine Natural Earth Mined Pear Shaped loose Diamond with Fancy Blue Color, with this Sparkling Rothem Certified Fancy Blue Color Enhanced and Natural I1 clarity,
Conflict Free Diamond weighing 3.32 carat. This big fancy blue diamond measures 12.28mm X 8.27mm.

How did this natural earth diamond become blue and what is the color enhance process?

In short – turning white natural earth mined diamonds into color enhanced diamonds, thereby upgrading their rarity, value and beauty.

This color enhance technology uses an electronic accelerator to simulate the conditions nature uses to color diamonds, the process is completely safe, does not color the diamond from the outside but uses the color
inherent inside the diamond.

This Rare Pear Shape Diamond is The REAL THING! 100% Real and Rare Natural Earth Mind Diamond, Rothem certified, Blue Color Enhanced, Not clarity enhanced, Not man made, Not laboratory grown, polished only in our factory and 100% conflict free!
It is ready to set in a jewelry of your own or in a jewelry of your choice by Rothem Collection.

If you are looking for a peace of mind that you are buying a Brand New Real and Rare Natural Earth Mind Diamond with a Stunning Fancy Blue Color Enhanced Color, 1st hand directly from a Green Conflict
Free Rothem Collection – Diamond Polishers, this Sparkling Fancy Blue Pear Shaped Diamond is Your Best Choice, Don’t Miss this SALE! Included Rothem Collection Certificate of Authenticity,
Insurance Appraisal, Free Shipping Door to Door Insured and Hassle Free 60 Day Returns.